At Diversity Fitness, you can find a variety of different spin classes, where indoor cycling cardio session can bring a competitive and playful element to your workout. Our spin classes can be both instructor led and virtual, with each offering a different way to bring an invigorating and different aspect to focused exercise and workouts.

Our vibrant and dynamic indoor fixed exercise bikes can provide a great way to have a virtual workout that can actually push you and give you a chance to focus your energy.

At Diversity Fitness we use the IC7 indoor power-based bike. This cutting-edge machine provides a revolutionary way to engage with indoor cycling as a cardio method. It features an award winning, incredibly advanced, design.

The two-stage drivetrain enables the exercise bike market’s most accurate (+/-1% deviation) WattRate® Direct Power Meter, 100-level precision magnetic resistance, 1:11 ratio high-speed flywheel and an unrivalled connection to the ride thanks to the tactile and responsive hybrid Poly-V and tooth belt technology. All this impressive technology comes together to provide an unrivalled spin experience.

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Coach by Colour

Coach by Colour enhances your indoor cycling experience by using 5 coloured training zones ensuring you’re training at the right intensity for you every workout meaning you’ll achieve your results faster.

Coach by Colour is simple, meaning you don’t have to worry any longer about if you’re working hard enough or too hard, if to up the resistance, all you now need to do is to try to match the colour on your bike to the colour our instructor tells you, simple but not always easy!

Coach by colour is based on scientific evidence and elite cycling programming taking the guess work out of your workouts.

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Myride® VX gives our multi award winning range of Indoor Cycles a full boost of adrenaline. Adding immersive, video-based Instruction directly to the handlebar redefines the bike‘s user experience. Unlike bikes that only offer “exertainment“, or bikes that focus on pure performance data, the Life Fitness powered by ICG® Indoor Cycles with Myride® VX does both, and better; advanced data accuracy, results-orientated coaching, and stunning footage from around the globe.

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Introducing ICG® Connect, a digital platform created to deliver data-visualisation and gaming to unite riders by tracking group performance, providing team competition and rewarding group leaders whilst celebrating individual achievement. In every class, participants ride for, with and against each other to meet the group target, win team battles and achieve personal bests.

Connect technology amplifies the class energy by making it visible and the connected experience brings riders closer to their goals and each other.

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