We have a great range of state of the art, innovative equipment available for you to use. We make sure that there are no corners cut when it comes to the equipment in our gym, with a broad range of impressive cardio focused modern gym apparatus.

Some of our excellent
equipment includes

Ultimate gym in Worksop

Here at Diversity Fitness, we have a range of Technogym Skillmills, Skillrows and Concept 2 Skiergs, to effectively maximize your upper or lower body focused classes or workouts. We can use these pieces of kit alongside our ‘on demand’ and virtual coaching to take your fitness to the next level.

Best gym equipment Worksop

We offer a great Synergy XL rig which provides us with outstanding functional capabilities such as battle ropes, ball slams, kettle bells, resistance bands and more. These are especially effective during some of our amazing exercise classes.

Gym fitness in Worksop

Our sled track, with our tork tank and flipping tyre, is great for a fun workout with exciting blast of cardio.

Professional gym equipment

We have a fully equipped free weights area with lifting platform and a full range of resistance kit available to use. These classic gym staples are state of the art, with the latest innovations to our weight stations for you to make use of these pieces of equipment in the most effective and safest way possible.

Personal trainer in Worksop

These are just some of our premium equipment we offer to achieve our high quality five star service. In addition to these there are loads more effective, dynamic, state of the art pieces of apparatus we can help you utilize to achieve the right results for your fitness.

Personal trainers in Worksop

In addition to our effect equipment, we offer Life fitness On Demand Coaching on all our cardio machines, with different variable fitness tests and different programming available. This gives you an amazing digitally instructed workout, meaning you can get a great workout at any time of the day or night, without having to have an instructor present.

The InBody 570

Our InBody 570 goes well beyond the traditional body composition analysis measuring your fat, muscle and total body water. Giving you advanced analysis, this excellent technology is safe, non-invasive and pain free.

The InBody 570 sends safe, low-level currents through your body via hand and foot electrodes to derive your body composition. This impressive technology provides you with accurate and consistent outputs helping you determine your genuine body composition.

Life Fitness On Demand
Welcome to the world of on demand. Available on all Diversity Fitness cardio equipment.
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