Nicky Turner - General Manager

I'm Nicky, the general manager at Diversity Fitness. I am an engineer by trade and have successfully ran my own business for 13 years. I am now moving into the fitness industry where I have found much enjoyment over the years specifically in boxing fitness.

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Mark Turner - Accounts Manager

My name is Mark, I am the accounts manager at Diversity Fitness. My main fitness interest is for both boxing and golf. After having worked for many years with Nicky I will soon be enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle and enjoying fitness and home life.


Alicia Haste - Fitness Manager

.My name is Alicia, I am the fitness manager here at Diversity Fitness, I thoroughly enjoy all things fitness and health and pride myself in helping people reach their fitness and wellbeing goals. My goal is to help everyone find something within fitness they love and can continue for the rest of their life.
Please feel free to ask me anything, we are all here to help!


Daniel Hague - Personal Trainer

My name is Danny, I am a personal trainer at Diversity Fitness. Alongside my work here I also work for Sheffield United FC as a strength and conditioning coach for the under 23's. I'm passionate about fitness and anything sports related, here to help you reach your goals. My goal as a coach is to educate and inspire everyone to be the best version of themselves through a healthy lifestyle.

Giorgio Green - Personal Trainer

My name is Giorgio, as you may have guessed I'm half Italian. I am a personal trainer here at Diversity Fitness, I enjoy training myself and others to be the best they can be. I have experience with a range of individuals and fitness levels and enjoy watching people achieve their goals.