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The Diversity Fitness LB Bag is available to buy for a home or gym setting. The only bag on the market where you can effectively hit any combination with gloves or wraps. With only a small space needed you can get the perfect workout for you and the whole family.

Designed with comfort and reliability in mind, the bag effectively absorbs impact and reacts to any punch thrown using its multi-dimensional movement. 

With a range of colours available (Black, Grey or Red), the bag perfectly mounts to a wall.

at home

This unique bag comes with four hooks so that you can add resistance bands to your workouts.

Wall mounted bag only - £399

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This unique frame has an adjustable height mechanism to make it easy to adjust even with gloves on, four hooks to enable resistance band attachments. 

COACH APP Included  

Get the most out of our training our new workouts feature, pre-set workouts for you to easily follow. Fancy something different? 

Create your own! With a range of exercises and combinations available you can create any workout you like, with advanced timings, supersets, tri sets and circuit capability this provides the perfect plan for you and your clients.


Includes adjustable frame and Coach App - £599

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Need motivation our Coach App will give you a training programme to help you get results!

Use our bespoke training programme or even create your own. 

The Virtual Instructor will guide you through your workout giving you a video instruction with timer and rest periods to keep you in sync. 

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